30 Ready to Use Safety Slogans Fire Safety

fire-safety-slogansMost people think that industrial safety is fire safety. In this case, I have the same thought with those people. Why? It is because number of injury, death and loss cause by a fire accident is bigger than by other type of work accident every time it happens.

And in this post, I would like to share with you my collection of safety slogans fire safety. I collected them from some sources and some of them were created by me.

So please pay your attention to the following safety slogans fire safety.

Safety Slogans Fire Safety

1. Only you can prevent fire accident.

2. Practice fire safety. Watch what you heat.

3. Electrical safety leads to fire safety

4. Ensure fire safety, save life save property

5. A fire today, no job tomorrow

6. Fires that are small soon will be tall

7. Think of fire before it starts

8. Fire defense is a self defense

9. Stop fire before it stops you

10. Know the root of fire safety, enjoy the fruits of duty

11. Fire destruction is one man’s job. Fire prevention is everybody’s job.

12. Unattended hot work means fire

13. Follow the fire safety rule or you will be fired.

14. Never trust fire

15. Uncontrolled fire know no frontiers

16. Fire the friend, fire the enemy

17. Be alert prevent fire

18. Carelessness is the biggest cause of fire

19. Fire loss is national loss

20. Know safety no fire

21. Less fire safety more risk. More fire safety no risk.

22. Fire safety on, accident gone.

23. Fire safety goes, danger grows

24. Work without fire safety brings fatality

25. Accident brings tears, fire safety brings cheers.

26. Prevention is the best fire safety.

27. Know where the hazardous area is before starting any hot work.

28. Hot work is a hazardous work.

29. Never allow fire triangle components together. Otherwise fire will happen.

30. Flammable and combustible materials are the enemy of fire. Keep them separated.

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