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My Newest Safety Slogans Planning

Fail to plan is planning a fail. That’s absolutely true and applies for everything including for job planning in the workplace. In case of job planning, safety consideration should always be taken into account in order to ensure no one will get injured and job will run smoothly without accident. And safety slogans planning are Continue reading

5 Best Tips for Having Effective Safety Slogans

I have posted many safety slogans here. It is my main objective to provide you best safety slogans of mine. However, it does not indicate that all of safety slogans you will find here are all effective. It depends on several factors. You should consider several things to make effective safety slogans.   Always bear Continue reading

High Voltage Electrical Safety Slogans

There is no doubt that high voltage electric source is one of the most common hazards in manufacturing sites. It is also emphasized by electrical accident data from that mentions that there are averagely 320 deaths and 4000 injuries annually in the US due to electrical power. Through this post, I am going to Continue reading

Electrical Safety Slogans for the Workplace

Electrical safety slogans are very important. It is because in every workplace there are many electric-powered equipments operated. Even, some types of work area have high voltage electric sources, for example chemical plants. There are many hazards associated with the use of electric power. Electric shock, arc flash, thermal burn and blast injury are some Continue reading

Safety Slogans about Awareness

Safety awareness is an important factor in keeping workplace safety as well as creating free-accident workplace. Without awareness from workers, any safety objective will never be achieved. So that’s why I post this article about safety slogans about awareness. Safety slogans about awareness could be helpful in improving workers’ safety awareness. By using such slogans, Continue reading

Where to Get Safety Slogans PDF

It is my purpose to make this safety slogans blog easy to access for everyone. So I am seeking ways to make people can access content of this blog including make the safety slogans PDF. In form of PDF safety slogans can be downloaded to your computer. So it will be easier for you to Continue reading

Getting Safety Slogans Ideas from Chemical Plant Explosion

Last Sunday (22/4), a big explosion was happened in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, where a chemical plant owned by Mitsui Chemical exploded. That explosion caused one worker died and some other people injured. Investigation will be conducted to find out root cause of this accident. This accident was shocked me. As long as I know Japanese Continue reading

Safety Campaign through Safety Slogan Competition

Recently, more than 3,500 workers from 35 garment factories in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam, involved in run for safety. It was devoted to improve safety at work. Besides, safety slogan competition was also conducted. Safety slogan competition is one of many ways you can utilize to promote safety in your organization. In that competition, Continue reading

Safety Slogans Lockout Tagout

Safety slogans lockout tagout is extremely important. They warn people to cut all energy sources, including pressure and flow toward equipment or piping line. In case of emergency repair, mostly maintenance crews may leave this important aspect due to time constraint. They work immediately for repairing without allowing lockout-tagout procedure to be done. And guess Continue reading

Safety Slogans Rules – My Best Collection

Today, I am going to show you my best safety slogans rules collection, which I have collected from many sources and I serve the list only for you my valuable visitors. Safety rules are the main reference for everyone, who wants to work safely without getting injury or death. It is amazing that people who Continue reading