Construction Safety Slogans

safety-slogans-for-constructionConstruction is a challenging phase of a project. Many jobs are carried out almost at the same time. In addition, many people are also involved in that period with various levels of safety knowledge and awareness.

According to OSHA, there are four main construction hazards: falls, struck-by, caught-in/between and electrocutions. And I think construction safety slogans can do something important to remind people about these hazards, as well as to enhance their awareness.

Today, I am going to show you some construction safety slogans that you can use every time you are executing a construction work in your workplace.

Construction Safety Slogans

  1. Safety does not slow the job down but accident does.
  2. Use ladders and scaffolds in safety.
  3. Wear the right protective tools for the job.
  4. Use the right tool for the job.
  5. While on a ladder, never step back to admire your work.
  6. Safety rules are your best tools.
  7. Safety begins with teamwork.
  8. Replacing a saw guard is easier than replacing a finger.
  9. Broken tools can be replaced. You can’t.
  10. A hard hat on your head keeps you from being dead.
  11. When safety is a factor, call in a contractor.
  12. Don’t use a metal ladder or hard hat when working near electricity.
  13. Ensure you already get safety permit before you work.
  14. Don’t start opening any equipment if you are unsure with chemical inside.
  15. Wear personal fall arrest equipment when you work at high place.
  16. Flammable gas test must be done before welding work.
  17. Work without safety permit means unsafe work.
  18. Safety in construction is the only way to finish the project in time.
  19. Successful construction work means without accident.
  20. Always remember project target: time, cost, quality and safety.
  21. Do not run portable electric apparatus unless they are grounded.
  22. Be alert to fall hazard when working with scaffolds, ladders or other platforms.
  23. Talk about safety even just for one minute before working.
  24. One minute safety talk could save your life. So, do it correctly.
  25. Don’t forget to include safety in your tool box.
  26. Safety is powerful construction tool.
  27. Safety work permit is your ticket to success.

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