Fire Accidents in Chemical Industries in July

Fire Accidents in Chemical Industries in July

fire-accidents-in-chemical-industryFire Accidents in Chemical Industries in July. At least two fire accidents in chemical industries in July withdrew my attention. All of the two fire accidents caused some people injured and of course property damage.

Fire accidents in chemical industries should get special attention from others who also run chemical plants or chemical manufacturing factory. Fire can destructs all the plant in minutes if it is followed by explosion that makes the fire accident worsen.

Here are the two fire accidents in chemicals industries that I found in July 2012. I hope we could learn something from those accidents in order to prevent them from happening in your work area or plant site.

Fire Accidents in Chemical Industries in July

  1. Chemical tanker fire at Petronas’ methanol plant at the coast of Labuan Island, Sabah Province, Malaysia. This accident caused one people died. Click here to read the full story.
  2. Biofuel plant fire at West Hermitage Road, Shannon, US. One person was injured. Click here to read the full story.
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