Forklift Safety Slogans for the Workplace

forklift-safety-sloganThere are some places in the workplace or plant site that have road for transporting and moving goods; raw materials, chemicals, spare parts and finished goods are transported and moved every single day around the plant site. And forklifts are the trucks that commonly used in the workplace for conducting such operation.

But, do you know that in accordance with The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) report, forklifts hit pedestrians each day, and bring about hundreds of deaths, and more than 90,000 injuries yearly in the North America. So that’s why in this post I would like write about forklift safety slogans because it is very essential.


Forklift Safety Slogans

In this post, I want to focus on safety slogans that are related to forklift safety operation, since its work load is higher than other type of industrial trucks used in the workplace. And here are some examples of forklift safety slogans.

1. Normal speed meets every need.

2. Don’t reach high place using fork of forklift. It is very danger.

3. If everything comes your way, you are in the wrong way!

4. Never allow someone boarding in the forklift.

5. Anger is one letter away from Danger. Drive softly.

6. Forget about the madness – stay in the cage.

7. Do not raise or lower the forks while the forklift is moving.

8. Do not use bare forks as a man-lift platform and don’t use bare hands to lift a forklift.

9. Danger, Forklifts Operating In this Area.

10. Watch the forklift load. Don’t make it overload.

11. Use forklift pre-use check list before you start driving forklift.

12. Caution! Look out for forklift.

13. Caution! Watch for forklift traffic.

14. Stay alert near forklift operation. Hazards come from all directions.

15. Loads low. Drive slow.

16. Keep it low. Keep it slow. Drive forklift carefully.

17. Danger! Watch for forklift.

18. Notice! Prior to using forklift perform forklift safety inspection at the start of each shift.

19. Notice! Forklift safety harness must be used at all times.

20. Know exactly forklift speed limit before you use it.

I hope these forklift safety slogans could help you in improving safety related to forklift operation in the workplace, especially in enhancing people awareness against forklift hazards.

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