Getting Safety Slogans Ideas from Chemical Plant Explosion

safety-slogans-for-explosion-preventionLast Sunday (22/4), a big explosion was happened in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, where a chemical plant owned by Mitsui Chemical exploded. That explosion caused one worker died and some other people injured. Investigation will be conducted to find out root cause of this accident.

This accident was shocked me. As long as I know Japanese chemical plants generally have best safety technology and system. So, that’s why this accident inspired me to make some safety slogans, which are dedicated to prevent the same accident and warn people about explosion hazard.

Let’s see what safety slogans I have made.


Safety Slogans for Explosion Prevention

1. Explosion prevention is your no.1 attention.

2. Remember, many explosions start from carelessness.

3. Be aware! Explosion can destroy your dream in seconds.

4. Warning! Content under pressure. Explosion may occur.

5. Explosion is a very bad impression. So prevent it from happening.

6. Danger! Flammable material inside. Keep flame and heat away.

7. Be aware of explosion. It may happen although the factory is already shut down.

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