Hand Safety Slogans Help Preventing Hand Injuries

hand-safetyIn the manufacturing industries, where rotating equipments, sharp edge, hazardous chemicals, electric source and hot surface exist, hand injuries have high probability to occur. According to Hardin Simmons University, each year there is 1,000,000 U.S. workers receive treatment in emergency departments for acute hand injuries.

There are many methods available to protect your hands from injuries. Suppose using gloves, machine guard and hand safety slogans. Hand safety slogans are the cheapest methods among them. But, it does not mean that hand safety slogans have the lowest effectiveness. In contrary, they will enhance the performance of other methods.

Hand safety slogans will warn and remind workers about hand safety, potential hazards, importance of wearing gloves and machine guards. Use them properly, because they will help preventing hand injuries.

Hand Safety Slogans You Use for the Workplace

  1. Protect your hands, use your head
  2. Look sharp don’t get cut
  3. 10 fingers. 10 toes. If you are not safe, who knows?
  4. Be hand-in-glove with safety
  5. Think sharp…never handle broken glass with bare hands.
  6. Safety is in your hand. Protect your hands.
  7. Protect your hands. You need your hand to take your pay check.
  8. Those precious fingers…don’t ignore. Or they could end up on the floor.
  9. Replacing a saw guard is much easier than replacing a finger.
  10. Broken tools can be replaced. Your hands don’t.
  11. Keep a grip on life and protect your hands.
  12. Crushed hands or missing fingers may affect your golf swing.
  13. Using safety gloves is all in your hands.
  14. Don’t touch anything hot or sharp. Use safety gloves if you have to.
  15. You look so nice with 2 hands 10 fingers. So, be careful. Protect your hands.
  16. If you give somebody a hand, make sure there is a glove on it.
  17. Arms work best when attached to the body.
  18. Safety fits like a glove. Try one on.

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