My Top 20 Safety Slogans for Labs

labs-safety-slogansIn this post, I will show you my top 20 safety slogans for labs. Labs or laboratory is a common part of chemical manufacturing plant, where analysis jobs are done. In labs, there are many hazardous chemicals, reagents, gases, ignition sources and analytical apparatus that are continuously used and stored. Besides, several processes are done such like reacting, heating, drying, burning and so on.

Due to the existing of these substances, processes and ignition sources, some potential hazards and risks appear. The most common hazards found in labs are hazardous chemical exposure, toxic gases, fire, explosion, chain reaction, electric shock, slips, trips, cut and burns.

Safety slogans for labs have an important role in labs safety. They can be very effective in creating good safety communication in labs, mainly to protect analysts from doing unsafe actions and reminding the existence of potential hazards.

Top 20 Safety Slogans for Labs

Below here are my top 20 safety slogans for labs.

  1. Labs safety is our first priority.
  2. Good labs housekeeping prevents accidents.
  3. Know exactly what chemicals you are reacting.
  4. A spill, a slip, a hospital trip.
  5. Wear the right protective equipment for analysis jobs.
  6. Analyzing acidic substance? Do it in acid room.
  7. Do not smoke hydrogen gas inside.
  8. Use the right labs apparatus for the analysis work.
  9. Flammable gas inside the labs, take ignition source away.
  10. Labs safety is no accident.
  11. Smoke detectors make good stocking staffers.
  12. Don’t turn on the light when you smell gas leak.
  13. Practice fire safety. Watch what you heat.
  14. Look sharp don’t get cut.
  15. Learn not to burn.
  16. Broken labs apparatus can be replaced. You can’t.
  17. Protect your eyes, use safety glasses.
  18. Wipe up and avoid a slip up.
  19. Safe analysts are smooth analysts.
  20. In this area: no smoking, no drinking, no eating.

Make the above safety slogans as an integral part of your labs safety program.

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