Safety Campaign through Safety Slogan Competition

safety-slogans-competitionRecently, more than 3,500 workers from 35 garment factories in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam, involved in run for safety. It was devoted to improve safety at work. Besides, safety slogan competition was also conducted.

Safety slogan competition is one of many ways you can utilize to promote safety in your organization. In that competition, workers are encouraged to show up their best slogans. The most interesting part of this event is various kind of safety slogans will be generated since each worker has unique experiences.

It is a good idea to make safety slogan competition as an annual event in your company. Each worker will try to communicate safety with their own language and style. You can set a specific theme for this event. Suppose you select a theme of how to avoid an accident.

You will be amazed on what workers say through their safety slogans. And you will also have chances to steal their idea in order to improve safety in your workplace. That’s very fine you can take benefits from safety slogan competition.

Make safety slogan competition as your annual safety event. Involve as many workers as you can. You will see that you will not only teach worker how to work safely but at the time the company could steal their idea on how to improve safety in your company.

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