Safety Slogans 2012

safety-slogansEven though it is still 21 days to 2012, but I would like to show my own safety slogans 2012 collection. The safety slogans 2012 that you will see in the next paragraph are created for the workplace. They are industrial safety slogans, but they do not focus on a particular industrial field.

I don’t want to suggest changing your own safety slogans next year. However, there is also no reason to keep safety slogans that don’t work. So, changing your current slogans with safety slogans 2012 would be a good decision. I hope you could benefit from the safety slogans 2012.

My New Safety Slogans 2012

  1. An accident starts with lack of awareness.
  2. Make safety your top priority.
  3. Top keyword search in 2012: safety.
  4. Wear your helmet. It will work only when it’s on your head
  5. The first sentence appears on every SOP should be safety first.
  6. We all don’t want accident. So, keep working safely.
  7. No success without safety.
  8. Keep your dream alive by working safely.
  9. Get smart! Place safety at the first priority.
  10. Be safety oriented.
  11. Your safety is your biggest asset.
  12. Never say good bye to safety.
  13. Safety is the most excellent technique to work.
  14. Work safely today, work again tomorrow.
  15. Safety has no accident record.
  16. Unsafe action is the sure way to get hurt.
  17. Nothing will happen unless you’re safe.
  18. Make safety permanent.
  19. Safety pays, accident costs.
  20. Remember! Your family is waiting for you at home.
  21. Safety is for everyone. Accident is for no one.
  22. Lose concentration can lead to an accident.

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