Safety Slogans about Health

safety-slogans-healthEven though this blog is dedicated for safety promotion using safety slogans and quotes, but it does not mean that this blog only deals with safety slogans. Safety slogans about health will be also provided since health is as important as safety. And I think everyone will agree about this.

In this short article, several safety slogans about health are presented. Of course you can use them as those safety slogans are general and can be applied for any type of workplace.


Safety Slogans about Health

1. Your good health is your greatest wealth.

2. The essence of road safety is to live healthy.

3. Safe and healthy!

4. Health and safety, words to live by.

5. Stretch and flex for your health and safety.

6. If you don’t have health insurance, always be at work so that you are covered.

7. Your good health is your greatest asset.

8. Wear PPE, protect your safety and health.

9. Work safely, protect your health.

10. Safety and health bring happiness into your life.

11. Safety is your best health insurance.


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