Safety Slogans – Coming Home Edition

safety-slogansI was so impressed when I saw safety slogans at an industrial estate gate for the first time, which reminds me how important my family is. Family will always become the strong reason to always keep safety at the first priority. I think so.

So that’s why, I wrote this post. In this post I show you several coming home edition of safety slogans. Coming home edition is only my own term. I call it because you will see on those safety slogans words that relate with your family, wife, home, your sons, your daughter and so on.

You may be getting doubt of using coming home edition of safety slogans. Don’t worry; you can use these safety slogans for the workplace. They only want to emphasize the importance of safety from your family side. As long as it could improve your safety awareness that’ll be fine. You got your job done. That’s the point.

Coming Home Edition of Safety Slogans

You family is your spirit. Do not make your loved family as an obstacle to obtain high productivity. High productivity means doing work safely, work that is started with complete safety consideration.

Okay, I am ready to share safety slogans right now.

  1. Remember safety! Your family is waiting for you at home.
  2. Come safely, work safely and arrive at home safely.
  3. Make safety as your first priority, because you have a nice family.
  4. Safety is your family insurance.
  5. Slow down! You family will be waiting for you.
  6. There is no sweet home, if you ignore safety in work.
  7. Your family is #1 reason why you should always keep safety.
  8. Safety will bring you to your family.
  9. No safety, no happy family.
  10. Your son will be happy if you arrive at home safely.
  11. Don’t let the ambulance brings you home.
  12. Keep your family hope alive by working safely.
  13. Only safe work understands how to make his family happy

Always Remember Those Safety Slogans

I believe that your family is your main reason why you work hard. But, it is not enough if you ignore safety when you are working. So, it is extremely important to always remember all the above safety slogans, to keep your awareness on safety alive.

At least take one slogan from the above safety slogans. Put it on where you can see it when you are working. Or read it aloud before you start working. 

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