Safety Slogans for Hazardous Chemical Storage Area

safety-slogans-for-hazardous-chemical-storageSafety slogans can be applied in various kinds of working area, including hazardous chemical storage area. Find out some examples of safety slogans used for hazardous chemical storage area.

If you store, use, produce or distribute hazardous chemicals, then you will need to provide appropriate safety slogans in place. They can be applied together with other safety communication tools, like chemical safety symbols, to get better results.

Safety slogans could help you creating safer condition in chemical storage area. As we know that in chemical storage area are stored various kinds of hazardous chemicals. They can be toxic, flammable, explosive, radioactive, corrosive or oxidizing. If they are not treated properly, you and your workers may get injured and or they can damage your facility due to fire or explosion.

Today I am going to show you safety slogans that can be used in hazardous chemical storage area. Use as appropriate as you can. Choose safety slogans that fit with hazardous chemicals you handle.

Safety Slogans for Hazardous Chemical Storage Area

1. Do not use chemical from a container without label
2. Never mix chemicals that you do not know exactly
3. Do not return used chemical into its orginal container
4. Protect your eyes from chemical splash, use eye goggle
5. Do not turn on any electrical equipment when you smell flammable gas leak
6. Spray with a lot of water when hydrogen peroxide is spilled
7. Toxic liquid storage area, use hand gloves when handling these chemicals
8. Think your safety before using any chemicals
9. Re-lock the door, after you have finished working inside this chemical storage room
10.Read the MSDS before you use hazardous chemical
11.Reading MSDS is the first step you have to do before dealing with hazardous chemicals.
12.Ensure your safety, use appropriate PPE when handling hazardous chemicals
13.Personal Protective Equipments are your main protection tools against chemical hazards
14.Chemical safety is understanding chemical hazard symbols
15.Flammable materials inside, keep ignition sources far away
16.Toxic gas may leak. Use gas detector before working inside this area.

Use safety slogans that fit with your chemical storage area. Some of them can be used in all chemical storage area. Once again, use them rightly to get better result.

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