Safety Slogans for July

By | July 27, 2012

It has passed one month since I wrote safety slogans for June. Today, I am going to post safety slogans for July 2012.

july-safety-slogansJuly safety slogans are a mix of various safety slogans that covers many related topics. It is due to my latest activities that influenced this post. I hope you will enjoy my latest safety slogans.

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  1. Accident starts with violence.
  2. Road is not race arena. Drive wisely and don’t endanger others’ safety.
  3. You should never receive a call when you drive.
  4. 10 minutes spent for reading SOP is required to make you safe for years.
  5. Zero accident requires 100% efforts.
  6. Safe work will always be the best achievement.
  7. Accident breaks your dream.
  8. Zero accident needs full commitment.
  9. There are million ways of how doing something. But there is only one best way, it is safe way.
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