Safety Slogans for June

By | February 17, 2013

Below here are my latest safety slogans for June 2012. Please read those safety slogans carefully. I hope you will enjoy and have idea to use them.

I just want to remind you one thing. Never change your safety slogans except they do not perform as you expected. Only changing them without evaluating is wasting time.


Safety slogans for June:

  1. Never leave safety. Otherwise, you will be left out.
  2. Keep the incident record blank by work safely.
  3. It takes days to make safety procedure, but it only takes a second to break it.
  4. There are million ways to get injured, but there is only one way to get safe. It is safety.
  5. The safe worker is the best worker.
  6. Breaking the safety procedure is the fastest way to end your career.
  7. Safety will make you safe. So make it works.
  8. Safety is cheerful, accident is disgraceful.
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One thought on “Safety Slogans for June

  1. Reggie

    Great slogans. Simply implementing a slogan is a very good way to get something to stick in worker’s heads and keep them mindful of practicing good safety procedures and policy.


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