Safety Slogans for Maintenance Work

safety-slogans-for-the-workplaceIn this post, I would like to talk about safety slogans for maintenance work. Maintenance work involves many irregular works and may be unusual work. In addition, various hazardous chemicals are used in that work, suppose acid, lubrication oil, thinner and flammable solvent.

Potential hazards such as slips, trips, falls, electric current, falling object, fire, explosion and sharp edge could also endanger worker safety. These situations make maintenance work is more risky and it could cause worker injury and death if it is not treated adequately.

The existence of industrial safety slogans in such work reminds workers against these potential hazards in order not to get injured or even died. Effective safety slogans can potentially give a big impact on maintenance work safety.

Examples of Safety Slogans for Maintenance Work

What kind of safety slogans should we use for maintenance work? That’s a good question. First, let’s start with hazard identification. Hazard identification should already be completed and recorded in your hazard identification study. And you will only need to update it regularly to identify new hazards or left ones.

After you have completed hazard identification, then you should be able to determine which potential hazards have bigger possibility to occur. By now, you can choose which safety slogans you will use for the workplace.

In the next paragraph, several safety slogans for maintenance work are presented. Even though they are only examples, however, you can use them for your workplace.

  1. Safety permit is the first gate for successful maintenance work.
  2. Do not open any flange or bolt until you can ensure that no internal pressure inside the equipment or piping.
  3. Mixing two or more unspecified chemicals are prohibited. It may cause an explosion or chain reaction. Or toxic gas will be released.
  4. Do not work inside of confined space without performing oxygen and toxic gases test.
  5. Disconnect all electric power sources before you start repairing work.
  6. Successful maintenance work starts with careful.
  7. Use hard hat, because it protects your head.
  8. Ensure you have tightened your body with safety belt when you work on height
  9. Follow tag out & lock out procedure to ensure your safety during overhaul or maintenance work.
  10. Safety tool is your primary maintenance tool

Use Specific Safety Slogans for Specific Maintenance Work

It had better if you can use specific safety slogans for specific maintenance work. It is because it makes sense and focus. However, it doesn’t mean that you can not use general safety slogans for maintenance work. You should make specific safety slogans to become your major safety slogans during maintenance work.

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