Safety Slogans for the Workplace

safety-slogansSafety communication can be done through various ways. Safety slogans communicate safety related matters through words or sentence and sometimes combined with images or pictures. Safety slogans can be applied in almost infinitive type of workplaces.

Based on my personal experiences, safety slogans for the workplace are effective enough to prevent an accident to occur as well as to prevent someone from doing dangerous work and creating unsafe conditions. Safety slogans play a very basic role, i.e. accident prevention.

I have my own favorite safety slogans for the workplace, which I like the most. They are general safety slogans and you can use them in any workplace in your industry. You can apply these safety slogans in chemical industry, food industry, petrochemical industry, manufacturing industry, mining industry, and so on.

My Top General Safety Slogans for the Workplace

Here are my top 20 general safety slogans for the workplace:

  1. Safety first
  2. No business without safety
  3. Safety is no accident
  4. Safety is our first priority
  5. Remember safety! You family is waiting for you at home
  6. Save tomorrow. Act safely today.
  7. Safety is the first gate to success
  8. Think safety before you work
  9. With safety, we win
  10. Safety is a must
  11. No safety, no productivity
  12. You can’t get home unless you’re safe
  13. Work safely today and everyday
  14. Working without safety means failure
  15. Do it safely
  16. Safety is your ticket to success
  17. Safety is your best investment
  18. You can not get home unless you are safe
  19. The safe way is the only way
  20. Don not learn safety by accident

Find Your Best Safety Slogans for the Workplace

You may prefer to different safety slogans for the workplace. That is natural. But, what I want to say here is your favorite safety slogans for the workplace should be ones that perform well. I mean you have used these safety slogans for a long time and they have been proved to be effective to prevent accident or incident to happen.

Do not be confused with beautiful sound words or sentences, or just with good images. You need safety slogans for the workplace that can help you convey your safety messages.

If you are new to safety slogans and have never applied them in your workplace, then you use the above safety slogans for the workplace that I like. You can select one of them which you think the most appropriate for your workplace.

As I write earlier in introduction to safety slogans, you will need to consider some factors when you use safety slogans especially for your workplace. You should consider the location, the slogans and images contained in.

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