Safety Slogans in English or in Your Language?

safety-slogansAll safety slogans I have posted in this blog are safety slogans in English. I have no particular purpose, but it is only to provide benefits for as many people as possible who visit this blog. Honestly, in my own workplace there are also many safety slogans but they are created in my own language. We are using our native language for safety slogans rather than using safety slogans in English. It gives us good results so far.

Some people may have questions about language used for safety slogans. Are safety slogans in English more effective than in other languages? The answer will depend on the audience or employees. I mean the language they use in their daily communication.

Principally, we are using safety slogans as communication tools to convey safety messages to the employees. Safety slogans mean nothing if they are not understandable by the employees. We should make the employees understand on what we are communicating through safety slogans.

Using Safety Slogans in English and in Your Language

It is also possible to try using safety slogans in English and in your own language at the same time. You can test them and measure the effectiveness. For instance, you use safety slogans in English for the production area. Meanwhile, for the other work area you use safety slogans in your own language.

You can set up your own goal and parameter to measure their effectiveness. Schedule your testing period and evaluate the results among related Departments in your company.

Using Attracting Image

Adding images that attract eyes of the employees is a solution you can choose, if you are unsure whether using safety slogans in English is effective. However, please remember that use only appropriate images and use them properly.

Finally, I could not suggest you to use safety slogans in English or in your own language. There are several things you should consider before doing it. The best way to do is to make a test and measure the results.

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