Safety Slogans Near miss

Today, I am going to talk about safety slogans near miss. I consider that it is very important to write about safety slogans for near miss because near miss is actually potential safety problem and actually it can be prevented.

There may be hundreds of near misses have occurred in your workplace. But, many of you do not make any record, ignore and then forget about them forever. I think this problem is very common, since most people feel that near miss do not cause injury, facility damage or death. There is no loss caused by near miss. They think that near miss is not a safety problem. Indeed, it is absolutely wrong.

By using safety slogans near miss, it is hoped that people will have adequate awareness against near miss. They will consider near miss as ‘second chance’ for them to prevent from injury and death. Near miss actually gives us more time to improve safety in the workplace. So keep reading this article and use the following safety slogans near miss to prevent accident.


Safety Slogans Near miss

Here is some safety slogans near miss that you can use to get benefits from hundreds of near misses occurred in the workplace.

1. Near miss is a warning. Improve your safety aftermath.

2. Near miss is an alarm. Take necessary action when you see it.

3. Near miss alerts. Keep work safely.

4. Do not let near miss turns into accident.

5. Record every near miss you find at the workplace.

6. Report and record near miss once you find it.

7. Near miss warns you. Take action now.

8. Never ignore any near miss you see. Otherwise, it will turn into accident.

9. Keep you near miss record zero.

10. Accident prevention starts from near miss prevention.

My final word is never ignoring any near miss you find. Communicate this issue with other people in your company through safety slogans near miss. I believe that safety slogans near miss can be very helpful.

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