Safety Slogans Slips, Trips and Falls

safety-slogan-slips-trips-fallsIn this post, I will show you some safety slogans slips, trips and falls. Slips, trips and falls are common hazards found in the manufacturing industries. According to OSHA, slip, trip and fall injuries account for the majority of general industry accidents.

Meanwhile, in 2010 there were 40 people died in Britain due to slips, trips and falls, as stated on

That’s why I put my concern on this matter. I try to collect safety slogans slips, trips and falls in order to help you manage hazards related to slip, trip and falls. Communicating this issue with your employees is very essential, since you will enhance their awareness against those hazards.

This is the list of safety slogans slips, trips and falls.


Safety Slogans Slips, Trips and Falls

1. Be aware of slips and trips

2. Business stalls if you slip and fall

3. Safety isn’t for helping you up, it’s to keep you from falling. If you fidget with safety you could lose a digit

4. Don’t fall asleep at work and get your head caught in a splicing bar.

5. You will never know that slippery surface will kill you or your partner. So remove it immediately before it kills you.

6. Slip is not funny, it is deadly. So never leave slippery surface when you have finished your job.

7. Never underestimate a crossing cable in front of your way. It may kill you at your next step.

8. Falling is not enjoying at all. It is painful.

9. Remember WWW: watch your step, wear safety belt, and win the day.


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