Safety Slogans Warehouse

safety-slogans-for-warehouseIn this post, I would like to write about safety slogans warehouse. It is because several minutes ago before writing this article I read news about warehouse accident in Hertfordshire, where one worker was injured. He felt down from a distance of over six feet from warehouse racking he was dismantling (

Everyday, various activities are done in warehouse. Moving goods by forklift, manual lifting, climbing to warehouse racking, loading and unloading operations, material storage and material inspection are parts of common warehouse activities. Indeed, potentially people will get injured or death when dealing with these activities.

Actually, warehouse hazards also exist in other work areas. So, it is also possible for us to use safety slogans that are provided for specific work. I already select several safety slogans that can be used for warehouse. Here are safety slogans warehouse.


Safety Slogans Warehouse

1. Warehouse safety is workplace safety.

2. Take extra care while you are working on ladder.

3. Never use ladder on slippery floor.

4. Stay alert and alive.

5. PPE protects only if being worn.

6. Danger! Watch for forklift.

7. Lift with your leg. Don’t lift with your back.

8. Remember, electricity is a fire source too

9. An accident today, no job tomorrow.


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