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The very first thing I did outside of school was to try to start my own business. I also worked in groups as well, so naturally I considered my options. I shuffled through many individuals selling me to get my company off the ground. And I need money to pay bills that are stacking. Felt like that was the way and I was in a world of start. The only real way. But I know how that game goes you want money now plus they will give you it. Tease you with modest rate of interest and a huge loan. And that is what makes start up business loans dangerous. Just how can they still manage to reel people in? Start up business loans aim at the people that need money for whatever reason. People in despair are easy pickings! As soon as the loan is agreed to by you it is full of stipulations aimed at making you pay more every time you're late with payment. Basically, you're contractually adhered. But! At least you possess the money right? I continued what I gained was knowledge and to work at developing my business. I started looking more into keyword research and SEO and it absolutely was clear that if I had any business notion it needed to be taken online. From there, I built my first web site along with the rest is history. Please see my website. I have worked hard to build it. I am a graduate from Norfolk State University with concentration and a Business Administration degree in marketing. The aim of my site is to subsequently teach what I've learned and to study internet marketing. Developing a strong plan of the way to choose your company ideas online. The internet is a tool that everyone should understand use and you ought to not have to pay big money to get a great idea off the ground. The web is the way!