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Top 10 Construction Safety Slogans for 2013

Construction is the most dangerous phase in project cycle. During construction period, there are many kind of potential hazards exist. This fact should make all construction members aware. Otherwise accidents may happen or they get injuries. So, that’s why I created top 10 construction safety slogans for 2013. These safety slogans will remind people about Continue reading

Work Accident Investigation Report

Learn Safety from a Work Accident Investigation Report Work accident investigation report. Having a lot of efforts to prevent work accident is very essential. The efforts can be simple or complex. They will depend on nature of your work area. The more dangerous a work area, the more efforts are required to be established. However, Continue reading

Safety Slogans Introduction

Safety slogans. Yeah, you may have heard about that many times. What are safety slogans actually? Safety slogans are words or sentences, which contain an instruction, warning, information, suggestions, prohibition or any other things related to safety. Safety slogans are used in many areas, including road, office, home, public area and workplaces. They are forms Continue reading

Industrial Safety Slogans without the Word of Safety

You may be a little bit confused about this post title. Industrial safety slogans can sometimes be made without the word of safety. Yes, we can make safety slogan with no safety word inside it. And I believe that you have used many of such safety slogans. Industrial safety slogans that have no safety word Continue reading

Fire Safety Slogans, Why Are Important

In this article I would like to write about the importance of fire safety slogans. You will find strong reasons why you should give adequate attention to fire safety slogans, especially associated with fire accident prevention in your workplace. I believe that you have exactly known that fire hazard is the most common hazard that Continue reading

Industrial Safety Slogans Started with ‘A’

I like to collect industrial safety slogans for my own use.  And now I am going to share these industrial safety slogans with you. They are safety slogans for the workplace which are started with ‘A’. I don’t have special purpose for posting these industrial safety slogans this time. But, take them if you think Continue reading

Safety Slogans for the Workplace

Safety communication can be done through various ways. Safety slogans communicate safety related matters through words or sentence and sometimes combined with images or pictures. Safety slogans can be applied in almost infinitive type of workplaces. Based on my personal experiences, safety slogans for the workplace are effective enough to prevent an accident to occur Continue reading

10 Powerful Safety Slogans Manufacturing

It is very obvious that safety and business success have strong relationship. There is no business without safety. And it is no doubt about this statement. On the other hand, it is not enough to talk about safety only among managements in a company, but it should involve all employees. Safety slogans manufacturing can be Continue reading

Safety Slogans Near miss

Today, I am going to talk about safety slogans near miss. I consider that it is very important to write about safety slogans for near miss because near miss is actually potential safety problem and actually it can be prevented. There may be hundreds of near misses have occurred in your workplace. But, many of Continue reading

Your #1 Industrial Safety Slogans

Safety is the first attention we always take into consideration before doing any job at workplace. In every working procedure, safety is placed at the first step before other steps. So, it is very essential to always remind workers about the urgency of safety in every job they do. In this post, I would like Continue reading