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Fire Safety Slogans, Why Are Important

In this article I would like to write about the importance of fire safety slogans. You will find strong reasons why you should give adequate attention to fire safety slogans, especially associated with fire accident prevention in your workplace. I believe that you have exactly known that fire hazard is the most common hazard that Continue reading

10 Powerful Safety Slogans Manufacturing

It is very obvious that safety and business success have strong relationship. There is no business without safety. And it is no doubt about this statement. On the other hand, it is not enough to talk about safety only among managements in a company, but it should involve all employees. Safety slogans manufacturing can be Continue reading

Top 10 Industrial Safety Slogans for Zero Accident

Zero accident is every company dream. There is no safety without zero accident. There is no business without that. Unfortunately, even though the company has strong wish to get such achievement, some of its workers may have not had same spirit to that achievement.   One thing that every company should need to consider is Continue reading

Safety Slogans in English or in Your Language?

All safety slogans I have posted in this blog are safety slogans in English. I have no particular purpose, but it is only to provide benefits for as many people as possible who visit this blog. Honestly, in my own workplace there are also many safety slogans but they are created in my own language. Continue reading

10 Alternative Media Used for Safety Slogans

Banner is the most common type of media used for safety slogans. However, I don’t have any valid data regarding the effectiveness of safety slogan banner as safety communication tool. The reason that make banner is chosen as safety slogans media is its size. Generally, banner is produced in big size and that makes it Continue reading