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Fire Safety Slogans, Why Are Important

In this article I would like to write about the importance of fire safety slogans. You will find strong reasons why you should give adequate attention to fire safety slogans, especially associated with fire accident prevention in your workplace. I believe that you have exactly known that fire hazard is the most common hazard that Continue reading

Getting Safety Slogans Ideas from Chemical Plant Explosion

Last Sunday (22/4), a big explosion was happened in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, where a chemical plant owned by Mitsui Chemical exploded. That explosion caused one worker died and some other people injured. Investigation will be conducted to find out root cause of this accident. This accident was shocked me. As long as I know Japanese Continue reading

Safety Slogans for Confined Space

This time, I would like to talk about safety slogans for confined space. I mean safety slogans that are used for work inside a confined space. Confined space has several potential hazards such like oxygen deficient, oxygen rich atmosphere, flammable material vapor, toxic atmosphere, mechanical hazards, noise hazard, physical hazard and so on. Safety slogans Continue reading