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Industrial Safety Slogans without the Word of Safety

You may be a little bit confused about this post title. Industrial safety slogans can sometimes be made without the word of safety. Yes, we can make safety slogan with no safety word inside it. And I believe that you have used many of such safety slogans. Industrial safety slogans that have no safety word Continue reading

Industrial Safety Slogans Started with ‘A’

I like to collect industrial safety slogans for my own use.  And now I am going to share these industrial safety slogans with you. They are safety slogans for the workplace which are started with ‘A’. I don’t have special purpose for posting these industrial safety slogans this time. But, take them if you think Continue reading

Your #1 Industrial Safety Slogans

Safety is the first attention we always take into consideration before doing any job at workplace. In every working procedure, safety is placed at the first step before other steps. So, it is very essential to always remind workers about the urgency of safety in every job they do. In this post, I would like Continue reading

Top 10 Industrial Safety Slogans for Zero Accident

Zero accident is every company dream. There is no safety without zero accident. There is no business without that. Unfortunately, even though the company has strong wish to get such achievement, some of its workers may have not had same spirit to that achievement.   One thing that every company should need to consider is Continue reading

Safety Slogans 2012

Even though it is still 21 days to 2012, but I would like to show my own safety slogans 2012 collection. The safety slogans 2012 that you will see in the next paragraph are created for the workplace. They are industrial safety slogans, but they do not focus on a particular industrial field. I don’t Continue reading

Industrial Safety Slogans with Accident Word Inside

Industrial Safety Slogans Zero accident is the number one safety target for every company in industrial field. It will always become the top consideration when dealing with every activity done in the company. So, that’s why accident prevention is so very vital. In regard with accident prevention, industrial safety slogans come as one of accident Continue reading

Safety Slogans for Maintenance Work

In this post, I would like to talk about safety slogans for maintenance work. Maintenance work involves many irregular works and may be unusual work. In addition, various hazardous chemicals are used in that work, suppose acid, lubrication oil, thinner and flammable solvent. Potential hazards such as slips, trips, falls, electric current, falling object, fire, Continue reading