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Where You Can Get Your Best Safety Slogans Ideas

For some people getting safety slogans ideas is not an easy job. It is a hard work that requires much effort and time, especially for people who are new in making safety slogans for the workplace. They may take a shortcut to solve this problem, i.e. picking up safety slogans from the internet without any Continue reading

Safety 1st Slogans

Safety 1st slogans are the first safety slogans I know. It is very easy to understand and memorable. This slogan reminds me to always put safety as the first priority. Honestly, safety 1st slogan has enhanced my awareness about safety. Safety first is the most famous safety 1st slogans. However, there are still many safety Continue reading

Safety Slogans Lockout Tagout

Safety slogans lockout tagout is extremely important. They warn people to cut all energy sources, including pressure and flow toward equipment or piping line. In case of emergency repair, mostly maintenance crews may leave this important aspect due to time constraint. They work immediately for repairing without allowing lockout-tagout procedure to be done. And guess Continue reading

10 Best MSDS Safety Slogans for the Workplace

In this article, I am going to share my own safety slogans for MSDS. MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheet is the main reference for hazardous chemical handling, storage and disposal, even in case of fire and other emergency situations. I had found a case where people whose daily job was handling hazardous chemical did Continue reading

10 Powerful Safety Slogans Manufacturing

It is very obvious that safety and business success have strong relationship. There is no business without safety. And it is no doubt about this statement. On the other hand, it is not enough to talk about safety only among managements in a company, but it should involve all employees. Safety slogans manufacturing can be Continue reading

Safety Slogans Falls

Safety slogans falls are essentially required for the workplace because fall hazards are ones of the most common hazards found in the workplace. Safety slogans falls help us in communicating the risk of fall hazards effectively in combination with attracting images. OSHA reported that in 2010 there were 635 fatal fall accidents through out the Continue reading

Workplace Safety Slogans for Accident Prevention

Zero accident is the main target of every effort that are purposed to improve safety in the workplace. Zero accident can only be achieved if accident prevention programs in your workplace work. It means that accident prevention is the only way to achieve zero accident achievement. In relation with zero accident, workplace safety slogans play Continue reading