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Fire Accidents in Chemical Industries in July

Fire Accidents in Chemical Industries in July Fire Accidents in Chemical Industries in July. At least two fire accidents in chemical industries in July withdrew my attention. All of the two fire accidents caused some people injured and of course property damage. Fire accidents in chemical industries should get special attention from others who also Continue reading

April Safety Slogans

In this post, I am going to show you my April safety slogans. This is my latest safety slogans creation. This time I want to show you catchy safety slogans, which I think could take your interest. In April, I attended safety committee meeting in which I discussed many safety related matters. In addition, I Continue reading

Don’t Forget to Use Safety Slogans Tools

Tools especially power tools can be powerful and helpful. In contrary they are also dangerous and may cause injury and even death. That’s why I write this safety slogans tools article. Safety slogans tools are effective media to remind workers about risks using power tools. According to forbes.com, the most dangerous power tools are industrial Continue reading

Forklift Safety Slogans for the Workplace

There are some places in the workplace or plant site that have road for transporting and moving goods; raw materials, chemicals, spare parts and finished goods are transported and moved every single day around the plant site. And forklifts are the trucks that commonly used in the workplace for conducting such operation. But, do you Continue reading