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Top 10 Safety Slogans Maintenance

Maintenance persons are exposed to various hazards when they are doing maintenance work. They may get injured or even death doing such jobs. Data from a number of European countries indicate that around 10-15% of all fatal occupational accidents in 2006 were related to maintenance operations (osha.europa.eu). In order to communicate about this potential risks, Continue reading

Safety Slogans for Hydrostatic Pressure Test

Hydrostatic pressure test is one of the most dangerous works that are commonly done in chemical manufacturing plant. In that wok, high pressure rating is present, which is higher than normal operating pressure. Related to this issue, in this article I will write about hydrostatic pressure test safety slogans, which could help reminding people about Continue reading

Construction Safety Slogans

Construction is a challenging phase of a project. Many jobs are carried out almost at the same time. In addition, many people are also involved in that period with various levels of safety knowledge and awareness. According to OSHA, there are four main construction hazards: falls, struck-by, caught-in/between and electrocutions. And I think construction safety Continue reading

Safety Slogans for Confined Space

This time, I would like to talk about safety slogans for confined space. I mean safety slogans that are used for work inside a confined space. Confined space has several potential hazards such like oxygen deficient, oxygen rich atmosphere, flammable material vapor, toxic atmosphere, mechanical hazards, noise hazard, physical hazard and so on. Safety slogans Continue reading