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30 Ready to Use Safety Slogans Fire Safety

Most people think that industrial safety is fire safety. In this case, I have the same thought with those people. Why? It is because number of injury, death and loss cause by a fire accident is bigger than by other type of work accident every time it happens. And in this post, I would like Continue reading

My Newest Safety Slogans Planning

Fail to plan is planning a fail. That’s absolutely true and applies for everything including for job planning in the workplace. In case of job planning, safety consideration should always be taken into account in order to ensure no one will get injured and job will run smoothly without accident. And safety slogans planning are Continue reading

Safety Slogans about Awareness

Safety awareness is an important factor in keeping workplace safety as well as creating free-accident workplace. Without awareness from workers, any safety objective will never be achieved. So that’s why I post this article about safety slogans about awareness. Safety slogans about awareness could be helpful in improving workers’ safety awareness. By using such slogans, Continue reading

Top 10 Safety Slogans Maintenance

Maintenance persons are exposed to various hazards when they are doing maintenance work. They may get injured or even death doing such jobs. Data from a number of European countries indicate that around 10-15% of all fatal occupational accidents in 2006 were related to maintenance operations (osha.europa.eu). In order to communicate about this potential risks, Continue reading

Safety Slogans Rules – My Best Collection

Today, I am going to show you my best safety slogans rules collection, which I have collected from many sources and I serve the list only for you my valuable visitors. Safety rules are the main reference for everyone, who wants to work safely without getting injury or death. It is amazing that people who Continue reading

Safety Slogans for Hydrostatic Pressure Test

Hydrostatic pressure test is one of the most dangerous works that are commonly done in chemical manufacturing plant. In that wok, high pressure rating is present, which is higher than normal operating pressure. Related to this issue, in this article I will write about hydrostatic pressure test safety slogans, which could help reminding people about Continue reading

Don’t Forget to Use Safety Slogans Tools

Tools especially power tools can be powerful and helpful. In contrary they are also dangerous and may cause injury and even death. That’s why I write this safety slogans tools article. Safety slogans tools are effective media to remind workers about risks using power tools. According to forbes.com, the most dangerous power tools are industrial Continue reading

Safety Slogans Warehouse

In this post, I would like to write about safety slogans warehouse. It is because several minutes ago before writing this article I read news about warehouse accident in Hertfordshire, where one worker was injured. He felt down from a distance of over six feet from warehouse racking he was dismantling (injurydirect.com). Everyday, various activities Continue reading

Top 10 Safety Slogans PPEs

Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) are the last hazard control method in hazard control hierarchy. Due to their importance, I would like to share with you some safety slogans PPEs. Such slogans are very helpful to enhance workers’ awareness against the usage of PPEs. For now, before showing you safety slogans PPEs, I would like to Continue reading

Top 16 Safety Slogans Eyes

Before reading this article about top 16 safety slogans eyes, I would like to show you a safety video that shows the importance of eye safety or eye protection. All people understand well that eyes are very vital. However, in reality many of them ignore their eyes safety. They do not take enough effort to Continue reading