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Work Accident Investigation Report

Learn Safety from a Work Accident Investigation Report Work accident investigation report. Having a lot of efforts to prevent work accident is very essential. The efforts can be simple or complex. They will depend on nature of your work area. The more dangerous a work area, the more efforts are required to be established. However, Continue reading

Fire Accidents in Chemical Industries in July

Fire Accidents in Chemical Industries in July Fire Accidents in Chemical Industries in July. At least two fire accidents in chemical industries in July withdrew my attention. All of the two fire accidents caused some people injured and of course property damage. Fire accidents in chemical industries should get special attention from others who also Continue reading

Safety Slogans about Heat

There are many heat sources and equipments that introduce heat, we can find in industrial plant. Let say electricity, boiler, steam distribution pipe, rotating machine, heater, exothermic reaction and heated pipe. These heat sources expose same hazards, namely burn, heat stress, fire and explosion. In this post, I would like to provide you some safety Continue reading

Safety Slogans about Awareness

Safety awareness is an important factor in keeping workplace safety as well as creating free-accident workplace. Without awareness from workers, any safety objective will never be achieved. So that’s why I post this article about safety slogans about awareness. Safety slogans about awareness could be helpful in improving workers’ safety awareness. By using such slogans, Continue reading

Safety Slogans Warehouse

In this post, I would like to write about safety slogans warehouse. It is because several minutes ago before writing this article I read news about warehouse accident in Hertfordshire, where one worker was injured. He felt down from a distance of over six feet from warehouse racking he was dismantling (injurydirect.com). Everyday, various activities Continue reading

Safety Slogans in English or in Your Language?

All safety slogans I have posted in this blog are safety slogans in English. I have no particular purpose, but it is only to provide benefits for as many people as possible who visit this blog. Honestly, in my own workplace there are also many safety slogans but they are created in my own language. Continue reading