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30 Ready to Use Safety Slogans Fire Safety

Most people think that industrial safety is fire safety. In this case, I have the same thought with those people. Why? It is because number of injury, death and loss cause by a fire accident is bigger than by other type of work accident every time it happens. And in this post, I would like Continue reading

Safety Slogans with Workplace Word Inside

In this post, I am going to show you several safety slogans with workplace word inside. Safety slogans with workplace word inside can be utilized in almost all kinds of workplace. It also means that you can use your safety slogans with workplace word inside for all area in your company. Let’s start to see Continue reading

Workplace Safety Slogans for Health

Workers’ health is one of the major factors that affect safety in the workplace. Unhealthy worker has bigger safety risk compared with healthy worker. He will not only endanger his safety but also other. Principally, he will not be able to perform basic job safety requirements adequately. At the same time, workers’ safety is also Continue reading

Safety Slogans Introduction

Safety slogans. Yeah, you may have heard about that many times. What are safety slogans actually? Safety slogans are words or sentences, which contain an instruction, warning, information, suggestions, prohibition or any other things related to safety. Safety slogans are used in many areas, including road, office, home, public area and workplaces. They are forms Continue reading

Where You Can Get Your Best Safety Slogans Ideas

For some people getting safety slogans ideas is not an easy job. It is a hard work that requires much effort and time, especially for people who are new in making safety slogans for the workplace. They may take a shortcut to solve this problem, i.e. picking up safety slogans from the internet without any Continue reading

Safety 1st Slogans

Safety 1st slogans are the first safety slogans I know. It is very easy to understand and memorable. This slogan reminds me to always put safety as the first priority. Honestly, safety 1st slogan has enhanced my awareness about safety. Safety first is the most famous safety 1st slogans. However, there are still many safety Continue reading

Safety Slogans for the Workplace

Safety communication can be done through various ways. Safety slogans communicate safety related matters through words or sentence and sometimes combined with images or pictures. Safety slogans can be applied in almost infinitive type of workplaces. Based on my personal experiences, safety slogans for the workplace are effective enough to prevent an accident to occur Continue reading

Safety Slogans about Awareness

Safety awareness is an important factor in keeping workplace safety as well as creating free-accident workplace. Without awareness from workers, any safety objective will never be achieved. So that’s why I post this article about safety slogans about awareness. Safety slogans about awareness could be helpful in improving workers’ safety awareness. By using such slogans, Continue reading

Safety Slogans Falls

Safety slogans falls are essentially required for the workplace because fall hazards are ones of the most common hazards found in the workplace. Safety slogans falls help us in communicating the risk of fall hazards effectively in combination with attracting images. OSHA reported that in 2010 there were 635 fatal fall accidents through out the Continue reading

Safety Slogans Warehouse

In this post, I would like to write about safety slogans warehouse. It is because several minutes ago before writing this article I read news about warehouse accident in Hertfordshire, where one worker was injured. He felt down from a distance of over six feet from warehouse racking he was dismantling (injurydirect.com). Everyday, various activities Continue reading