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Top 10 Construction Safety Slogans for 2013

Construction is the most dangerous phase in project cycle. During construction period, there are many kind of potential hazards exist. This fact should make all construction members aware. Otherwise accidents may happen or they get injuries. So, that’s why I created top 10 construction safety slogans for 2013. These safety slogans will remind people about Continue reading

Safety Slogans for July

It has passed one month since I wrote safety slogans for June. Today, I am going to post safety slogans for July 2012. July safety slogans are a mix of various safety slogans that covers many related topics. It is due to my latest activities that influenced this post. I hope you will enjoy my Continue reading

Top 10 Industrial Safety Slogans for Zero Accident

Zero accident is every company dream. There is no safety without zero accident. There is no business without that. Unfortunately, even though the company has strong wish to get such achievement, some of its workers may have not had same spirit to that achievement.   One thing that every company should need to consider is Continue reading

Enhance Your Safety Awareness with Safety Slogans Teamwork

Safety starts with teamwork. Have you ever heard about that famous safety slogans teamwork? I believe that a solid teamwork will have better safety awareness. Each teamwork member will become good partner for another member. He or she will remind about safety if one of the team members doing unsafe action or making others in Continue reading

Workplace Safety Slogans for Accident Prevention

Zero accident is the main target of every effort that are purposed to improve safety in the workplace. Zero accident can only be achieved if accident prevention programs in your workplace work. It means that accident prevention is the only way to achieve zero accident achievement. In relation with zero accident, workplace safety slogans play Continue reading

Industrial Safety Slogans with Accident Word Inside

Industrial Safety Slogans Zero accident is the number one safety target for every company in industrial field. It will always become the top consideration when dealing with every activity done in the company. So, that’s why accident prevention is so very vital. In regard with accident prevention, industrial safety slogans come as one of accident Continue reading