Top 10 Industrial Safety Slogans for Zero Accident

industrial-safety-sloganZero accident is every company dream. There is no safety without zero accident. There is no business without that. Unfortunately, even though the company has strong wish to get such achievement, some of its workers may have not had same spirit to that achievement.


One thing that every company should need to consider is how to make its workers have the same spirit about zero accident. How the company communicates with its workers is very essential for having the same spirit on that issue. In the frame of safety, safety slogans are one of the best safety communication tools for conveying safety messages from the company to its workers.


There are many common industrial safety slogans used for communicating zero accident goal. And you are now reading the right article because you will be presented to some industrial safety slogans for zero accident achievement.


My Top 10 Industrial Safety Slogans for Zero Accident


Here are my top industrial safety slogans for zero accident achievement:

1. Zero accident has no accident record.

2. Zero accident is our main goal.

3. Safety means zero accident.

4. We are working together to achieve zero accident.

5. Zero accident makes our business continues growing.

6. Zero accident is the only way to success.

7. Our safety goal for now and forever is to achieve zero accident record.

8. Zero accident is a mission possible.

9. No safety will lead to having accident record.

10. Never fill in the accident record form.

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