Top 10 Safety Slogans Maintenance

safety-slogans-for-maintenanceMaintenance persons are exposed to various hazards when they are doing maintenance work. They may get injured or even death doing such jobs. Data from a number of European countries indicate that around 10-15% of all fatal occupational accidents in 2006 were related to maintenance operations (

In order to communicate about this potential risks, I would like to help you by providing several safety slogans maintenance, which can be used for maintenance work in general. However, care should be taken when choosing safety slogans maintenance. It is to ensure that selected safety slogans make sense and the most important thing is maintenance persons clearly understand the safety message.

I believe that influencing people’ mind is an effective way to improve safety related to maintenance jobs. So that’s why I recommend you to use safety slogans maintenance below.

Safety Slogans Maintenance

1. Proper maintenance applies to your spouse, your job, and your life.

2. Never perform safety maintenance while sleeping.

3. Safety maintenance can’t kill you, but why take a chance?

4. Safety is the best maintenance tools ever.

5. No maintenance work without safety permit.

6. Remember safety whenever you will do maintenance jobs.

7. Carelessness is your major problem. Take care when you do maintenance jobs.

8. Watch what is inside of equipment, before you start overhaul work.

9. Never start to repair equipment before conforming it is already safe.

10. Maintenance job is not free from chemical hazard. Always wear right PPE before you start that job.

I hope you could get benefits by using safety slogans maintenance above. It will benefit you only if you use them correctly.

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