Workplace Safety Slogans for Accident Prevention

safety-slogans-workplaceZero accident is the main target of every effort that are purposed to improve safety in the workplace. Zero accident can only be achieved if accident prevention programs in your workplace work. It means that accident prevention is the only way to achieve zero accident achievement.

In relation with zero accident, workplace safety slogans play also an important role, especially in enhancing workers’ awareness against zero accident or accident-free target.

In this post, I would like to share with you my favorite workplace safety slogans for accident prevention. You can find these workplace safety slogans below.

Workplace Safety Slogans for Accident Prevention

  1. Safety is no accident.
  2. Safety means zero accident.
  3. Stop accidents before they stop you.
  4. Be alert! Accidents hurt.
  5. Don’t learn safety by accident.
  6. Keep zero accident record.
  7. Safety saves, accident hurts.
  8. Accident prevention is your No.1 attention.
  9. Safety is the key to zero accident.
  10. Remember, accidents will destroy your dreams. Stay away from them!

Where to Use Workplace Safety Slogans

Actually, the above workplace safety slogans can be applied in all types of workplace. It is because accident prevention is the most common goal that every company will try to achieve. In this case, you are free to apply them wherever you like.

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