Workplace Safety Slogans for Health

workplace-safety-sloganWorkers’ health is one of the major factors that affect safety in the workplace. Unhealthy worker has bigger safety risk compared with healthy worker. He will not only endanger his safety but also other. Principally, he will not be able to perform basic job safety requirements adequately. At the same time, workers’ safety is also affected by safety condition in the workplace.

In this post, I will show you workplace safety slogans for health that you can use to communicate effectively the importance of health for workplace safety. Here are these workplace safety slogans.


Workplace Safety Slogans for Health

1. Your health is your greatest asset.

2. Keep your good health by working safely.

3. Healthy worker is safe worker.

4. Stay healthy, use electrical extension cords wisely.

5. Safe and healthy.

6. The essence of workplace safety is to live healthy.

7. Health and safety, words to live by.

8. Stretch and flex for your health and safety.

9. Stay healthy, wear proper protective equipments for the job.

10. Safety and health can no be separated.

11. You can not work safely if you are unhealthy.

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